Friday, March 3, 2023

Wildwood in the post


I'm always happy to have a new Marly Youmans book in the collection. But where is my copy of The Book of the Red King, and where is The Foliate Head? Anyway, I will write something about Seren, hopefully this weekend.


  1. Impressed that you have the rare UK ones--The Foliate Head and Val/Orson.

  2. I don't know where I got my copy of Val/Orson, but it has your signature on the title page. I think it was a review copy or an ARC. I bought it online, where the world is one big shopping mall. I'm pretty sure I got The Foliate Head from some wee British bookshop, also online. That is one great book; I remember that I almost wrote a whole novel based on a single image from one of the poems. I was already in the middle of writing some novel or other, so the moment passed. But it was a powerful moment.

    1. I think The Foliate Head is my favorite among the collections as well, though it was a limited edition... Wonder which poem.

      Good of you to track those down!

  3. I have a similar pile of Marly Youmans books (including The Foliate Head), although my personal favorite is still Thaliad. I'm enjoying a slow, satisfying read of "Seren..." right now...

  4. I'm pleased to report that The Red King and Foliate Head showed up on our poetry shelf, which should come as no surprise. When I opened Seren and saw the bob-and-wheel, the first thing I thought of was your translation of The Tale of Charlemagne and Ralph the Collier. Marly's use of long stanzas in iambic pentameter leading into the bob-and-wheel sort of (to me anyway) gives the impression of a leggy Elizabethan sonnet. I wish I would finish the post about that book that I'm writing. My day job is beating me up right now. Damn you, higher education industry!