At Last: a Murder!

I know, work-in-progress updates are very cliche and dull, yet here's one anyway. I'm now 12,588 words into The Last Guest, my "everything but a detective novel, packed into a detective novel," and I have at long last produced a corpse. I should produce an excerpt for you, but now is not the time. Anyway, I'm happy enough with the the novel so far.

Structurally, for those of you who care about these things, we've moved beyond the introduction and are about to embark on the phase of the story known as The False Detective. What larks are in store! Statues and meat lockers and threats and lessons in detection from a curious foreign woman!


Domey Malasarn said...
Is the lark the murderer?
Anne Gallagher said...
Well, you have an impressive word count. Mine is still the same. Spring break was this week and Monster Child was home. However, I will rally.

As for the curious foreign woman, I hope she's French. I love curious French women.
Dawn Kurtagich said...
Yay for rigamortis!
Michelle Davidson Argyle said...
Aww, I do so love excerpts...even though you refuse to read mine, Mr. Bailey. *wink*

I'm glad a dead body arrived. :)

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